Hi. I am Gaurav Sharma. Welcome!

Gaurav Sharma

Designer . Developer . Debugger


Elon Musk Tribute Website

A tribute webpage made as a project for my full stack development course for freecode.


Calculator Android App

An android calculator app build using material design principles which perform most basic calculator functions.


Fit or Flab Android App

An app for users who visit the gym everyday and need a way of recording their progress.


Connect 4 PC Game (C++)

A Connect 4 PC Game created using C++.


SMS Info System (SIS)

SMS Info System (SIS) allows users to be able to get important information without the need for any data connection.


Hero Me App

A gaming app which tests your knowledge of various superheroes, Are you ready to game?


BootCamp Locator Android App

An application that allows users to view coding bootcamps close to their location or close to the zipcode entered. Are you attending?


Sunshine Weather Android App

A Simple weather app that allows you to view 5 day forecast as well as current weather.


The Smart Cane

The Smart Cane is a cane that is smart enough to detect obtacles for users and provide haptic feedback to the user based on how close they are to them using the Haptic feedback System.


Randomn Quote Generator

Randomn Quote Generator uses HTML5, CS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, and Ajax to show you a new quote everytime you click Next. You can also share your quote on Social media. Lets get Inspring.


Sunshine Weather

A simple weather web application created using CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, Javascript and Ajax. Using the freecodecamp weather API for precise weather of any location.


"The value of beauty and inspiration is very much underrated, no question. But I want to be clear: I'm not trying to be anyone's savior. I'm just trying to think about the future and not be sad." - Elon Musk

About Me

Here I will talk a little more about myself in general. I recently graduated from McMaster in Software Engineering. I previously attended Sheridan College for Computer Engineering. I am very goal oriented, a great team player and love to solve real world problems. I feel like we should always look for something new in our everyday life. For me being able to get up every morning and work on projects which allow me learn something new every morning is very important. Creation of any kind excites me. I am extremely tech-savy and love to follow up on new gadgets. Some of my other interests include Watching Movies, TV-Shows, Hiking, Travelling and Music.

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